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Wolfe Milestone - Our Canada

Recent Nominations

The International Singer Songwriter Association is pleased to present Wolfe Milestone with a Certificate of Nomination Award for the following categories:

Male Vocalist of the Year

Male Rising

Single of the Year
"Heaven is Above You"

Songwriter of
the Year

Wolfe was nominated for 2018 Male Traditional Vocalist with Nashville Josie awards

Wolfe signed a record deal with DJ Personality Ronnie Trash with countrybeatsradio.com and CEO Tamanie Dove with ISSA Awards Show in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

A Brief History

Growing up in a small town north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada called Holland Landing, Wolfe first heard the sweet sounds of music played on the piano by his mother. All the children (5 of them!) would gather around and accompany mom with vocals as she played.

Wolfe later grew up learning the guitar, but found a passion in the bass and the rest is history. After playing in a lot of basements with a lot of different styled players, Wolfe set out for the rock club circuit. As much as he enjoyed the music and audiences he knew there was something missing in what he was feeling inside.

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A Brief History