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After my listening to this great country album by indie music artist Wolfe Milestone called “Back to the Country” Wolfe makes the true sound of pure country where the album has some really catchy and makes one feel like I stepped back in time when music told a story and Wolfe Milestone has that truly remarkable sound. A true country guy who has a sound that keeps you entertained throughout. Wolfe Milestone brings in his smooth and rugged sounding vocals that are from the pages of the late Waylon Jennings. His mix of songs ranging from Lefty Frizzell, and Mavericks, and even the late John Prine. Wolfe Milestone brings his smooth and flavorful lyrics on the album that makes a truly divine experience throughout. I enjoyed this album and has made me arriving “Back in the Country where good old boys and girls had a true life story through their gift of song, and Wolfe Milestone has that sound that brings you there. I will be adding Wolfe Milestone into rotation on my radio show and who knows I may end up in “Ol’e Mexico with Wolfe Milestone playing in my ears. A huge thank you to Wolfe Milestone for his tremendous friendship and his amazing and meaningful music.
Steven F Adams
OWNER OF Sound Wave One
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